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Efficient shortcut switchboard

Quickly access common Windows features from this switchboard.

Although Start Button Shortcuts appears to be designed in the days of Windows 95, we found it to be a handy tool. It's well-suited to help the beginning computer user or anyone looking to cut a few mouse clicks.

Start Button Shortcuts looks exactly like it sounds it will. The program features a plethora of buttons for simple tasks and common features within Windows. The beauty of this app is that all of these features are in one, easy-to-use platform instead of spread across the Start Menu, programs list, Control Panel, My Computer, and so on. Users can quickly access system tools, the Internet, e-mail, the calculator, games, and more, all from one quickly accessed location. The program even allows users to log off, restart, or shut down the computer. A somewhat dull Help file should be enough for even the most novice of users. The program doesn't create its own shortcuts, however, so for quicker access, you'll need to add a desktop or Quick Launch link to open Start Button Shortcuts.

Users looking for an efficient, all-in-one program for common Windows features should give Start Button Shortcut a try. It's looks may be outdated, but its functionality isn't.

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