Sparse information tool

Discover basic hardware information in a flash, but details are few.

Users who want to learn more about their computer system's inner workings will find this program fast and precise, but may want to look for something with a few more features.

Spectra Hardware Information Tool is a sparse program with a very specific function: to find information about the system's hard drive and processor. This program does produce quick, accurate results, but lacks the common features of other information tools, such as real-time processor speed. While the program does exactly what it says, there are no extra features that might enhance the appeal of this product. During installation, a desktop shortcut is created without permission, and a help file--though not needed--is not included.

Even as freeware, it's still out-gunned by other no-cost apps that perform Spectra Hardware Information Tool's functions, but also throw in some helpful extras. Any level user will find this program quick and easy to use, but may discover its features lacking.

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