Bland interface

Keep looking for a desktop alarm with more helpful features.

While this desktop alarm successfully alerted us at the specified time, it lacked many features commonly found in similar programs.

Alarm has a bland user interface, with the current time displayed in the 24-hour clock format, which you can't change, and it looks like a digital clock. Below the time display are arrows for setting the exact alarm hours, minutes, and seconds. As far as customization options, you can change the LED color and size, as well as the message that is displayed when the alarm sounds, but that's it. The alarm sound was disappointing. Regardless of whether you select the beep or the WAV file sound, it only sounds once, and briefly at that. The program does include the option of playing your own music file, but it produced an error when we tried to access it. Alarm does include a quick wake-up feature that lets you set the alarm time using preset increments. But the program does not include the option of setting multiple timers at once, or configuring alarm times for multiple days.

All-in-all, we were disappointed with what this desktop alarm had to offer us. If you're in the market for a functional and free desktop alarm, don't stop here.

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