Quick encryption

Encrypt and compress files for easy sharing with this simple tool.

If you find yourself needing to share sensitive data with other users by e-mail or on a portable device, this easy-to-use app provides a handy solution.

Silver Key launches a three-paned interface similar to many e-mail clients. However, using this app is so easy you can perform all your encrypting tasks without opening the interface, as we proved in our tests. Quick context-menu access and drag-and-drop functionality made encrypting files a simple process. We also liked that we could choose not to include a self-extracting executable with the encrypted output file, and that recipients didn't need to have Silver Key installed to open encrypted files. This user-friendliness (and flexibility) will appeal to folks who frequently need to send secure files.

Silver Key is a solid encryption tool that makes sharing secure files easy for the person encrypting them and the person receiving them.

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