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Declutter your desktop by removing shortcut icons and storing them in this small, simple utility.

Declutter your desktop by removing shortcut icons and organizing them with this app instead. Shortcut Bar reduces the number of clicks to access Start menu apps and its ease of use makes the transition from desktop clutter to simple app management a snap.

Shortcut Bar launches a compact-but-functional tabbed interface that you can set for Always In Front display for ease of access. Setting up tabs according to user-defined app categories is a simple matter. We liked the simplicity of adding a category tab, configuring the utility's settings, and adding a shortcut to a tab simply by dragging and dropping. However, we encountered two bugs: first, every one out of three drag-and-drops resulting in an unhandled exception error, requiring the app to shut down; second, the app responded irregularly to our changing the AutoShrink option, which enables or disables the interface's minimizing to toolbar size or remaining expanded when the cursor isn't on it--sometimes the option kicked in, sometimes it didn't.

We like the concept for this tool and its configuration. The three-tab limit with the trial version is a good prompt to purchase the full-featured version, but still gives you enough latitude to fully test its capabilities. Still, we can't recommend this version of Shortcut Bar. We suggest you wait for the next upgrade or fix to see if it gets the bugs worked out.

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