On-the-fly encryption

Save your secured data to virtual storage disks with this on-the-fly encryption tool.

As the need for greater security grows--even for home users--finding intuitive but robust solutions becomes more important. R-Crypto Disk Security fits the bill nicely for the average user. This nicely designed app provides encryption on the fly as you save data, and decryption as you open data, by creating password-protected virtual storage disks.

R-Crypto Disk Security launches a handsome interface that clearly means business, but is easy to navigate. Its features are clearly defined by the task categories listed in the navigation bar on the left and the large function pane on the right side of its window. Setting up a new encryption disk for storing data is a simple task thanks to the built-in wizard.

This app performed well in our tests, and has a nice array of options for configuring an encryption disk during its creation, including defining its size and location. Connecting and disconnecting the disks was a snap--as easy as accessing any regular disk. We liked how R-Crypto automatically encrypted our documents as they were saved to a virtual disk. Once the disk was disconnected, it became invisible on our system, so other users couldn't find it. You can choose the level of encryption, but we were disappointed the app didn't tell us what types of encryption it employed.

The trial period is more than adequate for determining R-Crypto's suitability for most users. Home users will appreciate the ease of use and added security it provides. Power users and commercial users may want something more robust for business use, but for simple desktop-data management, this is an effective and easy-to-use choice.

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