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Blink and you'll miss what this program has to offer, thanks to a trial restriction.

Worldwide University Info Fast Reader gives you access to thousands of universities, but like its name, you'll have to be a fast reader to take it all in, thanks to a trial limitation.

The user interface is very simple and straightforward. All of the university names are organized in a tree-menu on the left side of the window. When you click on a specific university link, the corresponding Web page appears in the right window. Just like most browsers, you can click on any link provided on the Web page, but unlike most browsers, the program does not include navigational buttons. The menu at the top of the window offers very basic commands, but most of them are unavailable thanks to a trial restriction. The biggest trial restriction, however, is that the program only allows access for 2 minutes at a time, which is barely enough long enough to navigate through all of the links. A Help link is provided, but it takes you to the publisher's site, which doesn't offer much in terms of support.

For such a hefty price tag, we would have liked to have seen a more functional user interface. However, if you're looking to study abroad, the access to such a long and varied list of world universities might make it worth your while to pay for this program has to offer.

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