Performed without a hitch

Time yourself with this no-frills desktop stopwatch.

This desktop tool has one function and it performs its function well. The simply named Timer does just that, acts as a timer on your desktop.

You won't find any bells and whistles with Timer's user interface. It comes with a digital clock and three buttons to start, stop, and reset the timer. The window comes in three sizes--small, medium, and large. The ToString feature lets you easily copy the timer results to paste in another document. According to the very brief help feature, the Trackbar feature is supposed to let you adjust the speed of the timer, but it did nothing for us when we selected it. We would have liked to have seen positioning options to keep it on top of whatever you're currently working on at the moment. Still, this very basic clock worked without a hitch and let us time various tasks.

If you need a reliable timer, and don't want to fuss with too many details, this free tool is for you.

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