Portable and secure files

Keep important files with you wherever you go.

This encryption tool lets you take your private files and folders with you so that you can access them at any time and any place. Though it took a few visits to the Help file to navigate e-Capsule Private Safe HD's interface, it successfully encrypted test data.

During e-Capsule Private Safe HD's installation process, we were asked to enter several pass phrases for the four levels of access: Private, Public, Admin, and Shred. While we appreciated the multiple layers of security, having to remember so many passwords was a pain. But the program can be saved to an external disk so that you can access it from any location.

The user interface was beautifully designed, with self-explanatory command and menu options at the top of the window. But despite its basic design, we still had to pay a visit to the help menu to figure out how to get started. After selecting the Administration option, we were shown three folders: Private, Public, and Admin. The interface incorporates drag-and-drop functionality, which made it easy to add files and folders for encryption. The program offers secure, AES 256 encryption. Shredding files also was very quick and easy. It required selecting the file, clicking on the shred button, and confirming the action.

Novices might not appreciate the unintuitive user interface and the short, 14-day trial period. But more experienced users will rest assured knowing that their files are safe and sound.

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