Fails to impress

Hit the snooze on this poorly designed desktop alarm.

This very basic alarm clock claims to offer users a little extra jolt to wake them up in the morning. After putting it to the test, we were left still snoozing at its performance.

Get Up offers an extremely plain and, thanks to a few spelling errors, unprofessionally designed user interface. You have to input the day, month, and year to set the alarm, along with the specific time, which is in military style. There aren't any options to set the alarm for multiple days; you can only set it for one day at a time. You also won't find any additional sound options, or the ability to add your own. The program did go off at the exact date and time that we set it to, but since our speakers were turned down nearly all the way, the default sound was not very effective. The more effective programs in this genre offer an onscreen text warning as well. Not that you'll need it, but the program does not include a help feature.

Get Up is freeware, but we've come across plenty of free desktop alarms that offer more features and better designs. We recommend that you look for one of those.

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