Fun video chat

Make video chats more fun with this simple-to-use great app.

Usually if you use your iSight camera with one program, you can't use it with another. ManyCam Virtual Webcam helps change that as soon as you install it. This handy app removes many iSight camera restrictions and provides multiple ways to enhance the overall Webcam chat experience, with some helpful (and some silly) features you'll absolutely enjoy.

After installing the application, ManyCam takes control of your iSight camera: it will become the video source of the chat programs you use, such as Yahoo Messenger or Skype. Now, if you want to make your video chat more fun, you don't have to select the video in your chat program; instead, you just select ManyCam, and the party begins. We tested with multiple applications, and the first reaction of many was, "Wow, how did you do that?" The reason: ManyCam provides a list of effects you can add to your video chat, and since the camera has you in its focus, it will apply the filter on you or the background, depending on the effects you select.

Using ManyCam is very easy; it provides a simple and uncluttered interface where you can select all the effects you want to apply to your video. The most fun part is that the application uses facial recognition technology, so if you apply an effect such as Vampire face or Carnival mask it will cover your face and follow your movements, which is fun.

However, ManyCam has flaws, too, maybe the biggest of which is that you can't use it at the same time on Yahoo Messenger and Skype -- neither is it compatible with PhotoBooth or iMovie.

Overall, we liked how ManyCam adds its effects to your video, adding fun elements to the conversation, and we liked its user-friendly interface, which applies/removes the magic with a single click.

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