Pay before you view

Don't expect to get very far with this search program.

The publisher of this app have a number of these programs under various names, but they all provide the same service, which is to let you look up a person's records. Detect Sex Offenders is one of those entries.

With the trial version, despite the publisher's claim of no limitations, all you're allowed to do is see the required form. As soon as you enter the required information needed to perform a search, you're taken to a window to pick and pay for a membership. The user interface is basically a form that allows you to enter first and last name, or, to fine-tune your search, you can add the person's date of birth, gender, and state information. The program also lets you search by phone number, address, ZIP code, and even e-mail address. You can select the categories you want to include in the search, such as government and genealogy records.

The publisher claims no limitations, but its pay-per-view strategy is a minus in our book. Also, while this app could find sex offenders, it doesn't seem any more tailored to perform this task than the myriad other record look-up tools this publisher produces. We can't recommend a program that is only willing to demonstrate one small part of its full functionality.

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