Awkward to navigate

Run far away from this faulty browser.

Awkward to navigate from start to finish, this free browser's promise to apply restrictions to specific Web sites wasn't fulfilled.

Browse Secure prompts you for a password before you enter the program, but offers no direction on what to enter. It was only by accident that we figured out to enter the default user id. We were bombarded with configurations options, but without seeing the rest of the program, we had no idea what they meant. The user interface is pretty bland, but the command buttons were recognizable. The administrator settings let you decide whether you want to block sites or allow access only to user-specified URLs. With the second option, we were denied access to all Web sites, including the sites on our white list. We also kept receiving script error messages along the way.

Ironically, we were restricted from accessing the publisher's own help page, and the Windows Help feature is unavailable to Vista users. This browser wasn't worth our time and it isn't worth yours. Keep looking for a more functional browser.

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