Straightforward interface

Display all of your extensions, themes, and plug-ins with this Firefox add-on.

It may be inelegantly named, but Extension List Dumper performs its task of displaying a list of all Firefox extensions with grace. It's easy to view and save all the data about plug-ins that you could want to know.

Extension List Dumper's user interface is accessed from the Add-on's menu through the newly added Dump List button. A window pops up containing all of your installed extensions, themes, and plug-ins. From there, you can opt to display all or some of the information. For example, you can choose to display the HTML code, IDs, URLs, descriptions, number of items, and dates. The program offers a Save As and Print option, and we were also able to save the information to the clipboard for easy transfer. Extension List Dumper worked without a hitch each time we accessed it.

You won't find a Help file with this free add-on, but the straightforward approach should mean most, if not all, users can get by without one. Extension List Dumper performs its single task with ease, and we recommend it for all Firefox users wanting the scoop on their browser's extensions.

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