Security gap mars tool

Set schedules and monitor kid's Internet access.

Unlike many of the applications designed to monitor and limit kid's Internet activity, DM Net Time and Watch Administrator doesn't present a fancy interface. The tabbed layout is all business, but it gets the job done with a minimum of fuss.

As soon as DM Net Time and Watch Administrator launches, it scans for users on the network (or shared computer) and displays them in the first tab. Tick a check box to select the user(s) you want to restrict or monitor, and simply follow the tabs to apply the desired settings. Less experienced users will probably need the extensive Help file, but others will have restrictions set up in no time. In addition to setting a daily schedule for selected users to access the Internet, you can restrict browsing after a specific time or after a specific length of time. We liked the option of creating a list of sites to block, or creating a list of sites that are the only online destinations a user can access. Adding additional time in the Bonus tab was a little more complex, but again the Help file explains everything a parent needs to know to set up special or reward time for specific users.

User activity is saved in a log file and can be viewed through the program's Activity tab. Like the program, the activity presentation is no-frills, but the information is easily understood. The downside is that users you want to monitor or restrict must be set up correctly on the network or shared computer. Users with admin access can bypass the program's settings, especially since DM Net Time and Watch Administrator isn't password protected. For some parents, this might mean changing computer setups and doing a bit of work on the front end.

The short 14-day trial is more than long enough to see what DM Net Time and Watch Administrator has to offer. While there were features we liked, the security gap we found with the missing password protection means we can't fully recommend this tool, especially for parents with computer savvy kids.

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