Not enough IE integration

Add a desktop display of your IE bookmarks, but don't expect full IE integration.

We found it ironic that an app called Bookmark Killer actually adds a desktop display of your Internet Explorer Favorites. When we get rid of unused links in our Favorite's menu, the idea is generally to reduce the clutter, not add to it.

At first run, Bookmark Killer locates IE Favorites and displays them in a left-hand sash on your desktop. You can see entry details or just the clickable bookmark name and the date the entry was added. The latter makes the program's interface slightly smaller, but it's still a lot of desktop real estate to give over to links you don't use all the time.

That's especially true since IE makes it pretty easy to open bookmarks on its own. If you opt for the full view that includes entry details, you can delete bookmarks with one click, but again this is also possible when viewing Internet Explorer's bookmarks. The only "extras" you get are the ability to verify bookmarks with Bookmark Killer's Refresh option, an option to set an expiration date for a favorite, and a link to see other related bookmark collections for any of your favorites.

We liked the ability to keep bookmarks up to date, but didn't see much use for getting suggestions to add more. For everything that Bookmark Killer offered, we would have preferred to see it integrate with IE as an add-on, allowing access to the program's tools while using the browser.

Although it allows you easy access to view, open, and delete bookmarks, Bookmark Killer's additional desktop display didn't seem like a good trade-off. If you want a desktop display of your frequently used links, Bookmark Killer delivers. But if you're looking for a tool that integrates more fully with Internet Explorer, we suggest you skip this freeware.

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