Tweaker for system errors

Cleaning up your system to remove bad shortcut links, inappropriate file extension associations, dead DLLs, and more is an easy process with this system utility.

Optimizing a system is sometimes just a matter of housecleaning: fixing what you can, getting rid of what you don't need, and generally tidying up. This user-friendly app works quickly to perform those chores on your computer, although the repair capabilities are limited in the demo version.

Error Nuker launches an attractively designed, easy-to-understand interface with five large tabs on its left side and a list of options or tasks in the large contextual pane that makes up most of its bulk. Determining how to use this utility is a simple matter, thanks to its design. Its engine analyzes 11 sections of the Windows Registry and file system, including font extensions, font files, shared DLLs, shortcuts, and COM/ActiveX.

This utility performed its scan quickly in our tests. We liked that it then listed each detected error with a short description; it didn't just automatically make repairs without our permission. The manufacturer claims Error Nuker won't make potentially hazardous changes to the Registry, and our tests seem to bear this out. We also liked that we could select specific categories to repair; lesser toolboxes of this type require users to repair all found errors or none at all. Unfortunately, Error Nuker's repair capabilities were disabled for some error categories: File Extension - Reference and COM/ActiveX. The price may scare off casual users, and power users will probably want a more robust toolbox, but Error Nuker is worth checking out if you want a simple but safe approach to system maintenance.

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