Car parts finder

Don't overlook this small but handy search engine for locating auto parts on the Web.

This dandy little Windows gadget has a name longer than its apparently simple function. If you like to tinker under the hood, or if you run a small business restoring or repairing vehicles, you'll want to check out this search utility.

Auto Car Parts Finder installs a small interface as a gadget in Windows sidebar. It includes two fields: one for a search keyword or phrase, the other with a drop-down list containing Replacement Parts, Performance Parts, Accessories, and Tools. In our tests, launching a search with this free tool returned quick results. The search results are a bit limited, however, because they only include an Amazon Astore operated by a single business, The results only include this supplier's prices, which may not be the best prices. However, you'll at least have a notion about what the part will run you if you shop around.

Anyone who can search online can use this freeware. Auto Car Parts Finder's simplicity makes it appealing for determining a ballpark price, but you'll still have to shop around for price comparisons to see if you're getting the best deal.

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