Hide surf history

Keeps your history private and allows you to encrypt downloads and keep them secure.

No matter where you go, there you are. And that's always obvious from your surfing history. This password-protected app provides a private browser that hides your surfing history from other apps and hides your IP address while you're browsing.

ArmorSurf launches an attractive, easy-to-use interface with tabbed navigation. The left pane, called the Library, categorizes items you've saved and some preloaded links, like Software, Gaming, Shopping, and Dating. This free app performed well in our tests. We liked that we could change its desktop shortcut icon and name to disguise it from other users, adding another layer of security. Burning items to DVD was a bit slow, but not terribly so. Exporting files to mobile devices was a very simply process.

The downloader feature was the only item we encountered trouble with. Although it downloaded quickly, it couldn't seem to complete any downloads that we had no difficulties completing when using Firefox or Internet Explorer. This may be one of the unspecified features the manufacturer describes as "some features disabled" in the free version. It was the only barrier to satisfaction we experienced with this browser. Home users wanting to keep prying eyes at bay will appreciate this app.

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