Solid performance

Don't miss out on this fully functional toolbar.

Toolbars are a dime a dozen, but few offer everything we want, like easy customization and useful features that just plain work. This free toolbar offers the perfect balance of tools and fun game links, and everything works without flaw.

Madnlooney Toolbar's user interface features colorful shortcut buttons. The toolbar interface can be customized to remove the buttons that you don't want, and to include shortcuts to your favorite applications. We were also able to add our favorite gadgets. You'll find the standard toolbar buttons-- weather forecast, pop-up blocker, and e-mail notification--all of which worked perfectly. An Internet radio that actually works (many don't) is preset with quite a few stations, and it's easy to add your own. The same for the RSS feature, which also comes with a large selection of feeds to choose from. In terms of extras, the toolbar throws in a few video and music player links, as well as links to popular games that you can play without interrupting your browsing.

We liked that this toolbar didn't throw in the gimmicky ads and questionable links that plague so many others. If you're looking for a solid toolbar that just plain works, the Madnlooney Toolbar is a serious contender, despite its crazy name.

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