Promising, but far from perfect

Send multimedia files to friends or to your social networks in bundles of five with this promising app that's far from perfect.

vPost's free-to-try application aggregates your multimedia into one interface and makes it easier to share and post online. You'll be able to attach up to five separate media files--up to 1.5MB--including audio and video clips, photos, text notes, and files stored on your internal memory or SD card. That makes it a contender for serious sharing and social networking junkies, especially with convenience tools like the Favorite button, which lets you automatically route a multimedia bundle in a click to a preset e-mail address (including the CC and BCC lines, you can squeeze out three). There's also the ability to update social networks by e-mailing a message to multiple e-mail addresses such as your Facebook, Picasa, Blogger, Utterli, and Wordpress upload addresses.

If it seems a little ridiculous to pay for the privilege of e-mailing your own multimedia to your own social networks instead of uploading them through a convenient widget, you could hold out for the customizable social networking widgets that are on the agenda for a future release. However, even without them, there are enough helpful tools to stay interested. vPost's integration with the BlackBerry's calendar and e-mail make it possible to respond to a meeting or reply to an e-mail in your in-box using a vPost voice note or image. In addition, if your BlackBerry has GPS capabilities, you'll be able to let others chart and map your location--potentially useful if you're posting from a party.

While the integration, hot keys, and convenience of being able to create and share multimedia clips in one place speak well of the new app, vPost's drawbacks make it hard to recommend for all but the most hardcore media-sharers and bloggers. Still, this is one app we'll keep an eye on as it develops, and the two-week trial gives you time to decide if vPost can turn you into an efficient multimedia maven.

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