Easy to understand

Keep your startup programs in check with this helpful tool.

Typically, this kind of program is geared toward more advanced users, but the intuitive Ashampoo StartUp Tuner will appeal to both the computer savvy and the not-so-savvy user.

The program's tabbed-style interface organizes your system's startup programs into five categories: Autostart entries, Services, Software, IE Plugins, and Backups. Everything is so well laid out that, basically all you have to do is click which startup programs that you do or don't want to load automatically. Despite its ease of use, there are dangers in messing with things you don't understand, and the program helpfully cautions users to take care when adding or removing entries under the Software tab. It's easy to accidentally remove what looks like a duplicate entry, but turns out to be a secondary but none-the-less critical program. Help is also found in Services, which explains which common startup functions are required and which are optional.

Should you need it, there's an extensive Help file, but most users will have questions about the startup programs, not how to use Ashampoo Startup Tuner. Although it's listed as freeware, the trial demo will last a mere 10 days if not registered through e-mail. It's worth the time to register this program, though. It's a solid startup manager that any user will appreciate.

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