Wallpaper switcher works

Keep your desktop looking sharp with new background pictures from your collection every day, minute, or hour.

Looking at the same desktop background every day gets boring. Sure, you can wade through your digital photos, or hunt down the perfect image online, but that image will just suffer the same fate. Perhaps you've been building a collection of great backgrounds for years, but you're still manually selecting a picture every other day. This is where Auto-wallpapers comes in. Its straight-forward--if slightly cluttered--interface will allow you to easily gather up all your special pictures and automatically switch between them at just about any interval between every 72 hours to every second.

Mostly, the features are all pretty standard stuff. The interesting bits involve setting actions for specific times, like changing the wallpaper to a certain image or rebooting the computer. The flawed "FastViewer" function, which allows you to review images you've added, is a good idea in theory, but in practice is more annoying than useful. It doesn't work nearly as well as the standard image viewer that comes with Windows.

On the positive side, the app never crashed, but we did have to use the Task Manager to force it closed the first time we attempted to reboot after installation (it did not affect subsequent reboots, however). It installs without incident, but uninstallation leaves behind the installation folder and your wallpaper definitions file. The biggest issue with this trial software is that nagging requests pop-up after the first 20 changes, and the primary function ceases to work after 30. Auto-wallpapers is a capable, if undistinguished, application that fulfills its purpose. If you need this type of functionality, it may well be worth the registration costs.

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