Not enough options

Shut down your computer with this simple tool that works exactly as promised but offers users only a single extra option beyond Windows tools.

Shutdown Xpert offers users a tool for saving computer life by providing multiple options for shutdown. You can reduce PC wear and tear and shutdown after lengthy downloads, even while away from your computer.

Installation was a breeze with this freeware. The program is built with several safeguards to avoid installation errors, such as asking what folder you want the program stored in, showing the path in full and asking the user to confirm whether this is the proper destination. Once installed, the program appears as a small icon at the bottom right of your screen and offers the user options to: Force Shutdown, Force Reboot, and to restart at a specific time.

However, operating this program is not quicker or easier than going to Windows' shutdown menu and closing out. The only unique benefit is the shutdown timer, which is useful in certain situations where the user must leave the computer for an extended period. The biggest concern we found was the impossibility of forcing a shutdown or rebooting when you most need it. If your computer is frozen and the mouse will not function, the user must revert back to the traditional Ctl+Alt+Del command because there is no way to access the Shutdown Xpert in this situation. While this freeware functions as it promised, we don't see a great need for adding Shutdown Xpert for its single extra function. We'd prefer a shutdown manager that has a few more options.

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