Lacks browser integration

Thumbnail bookmarking tool lacks full browser integration.

We liked the premise of this bookmarking tool, which offers a thumbnail view of the pages in your bookmarks list to make it easier to find the one you want. In practice, CORB Bookmark Thumbnail doesn't completely integrate with your browser, or allow you access to any user settings.

The program doesn't ask you whether or not you want the additional desktop shortcut it adds, or if you want to keep its default setting of launching automatically at startup. CORB Bookmark Thumbnail also doesn't allow the user to change these settings through an options menu, so you'll have to manually delete the desktop and startup menu shortcuts. The tabbed interface is easy to follow, though, and despite some of the awkwardly translated English, should present no problems when adding sites or viewing your listing of URLs. The initial tab shows all thumbnail images of bookmarked sites, while the second shows just a listing of bookmarked URLs. If you click on an image, you go to the third tab, Zoom, which shows you a larger image of the site. You can't navigate the site from within the program, but a double-click opens a selected page in your browser of choice. A collapsible window on the left of the main viewing pane offers simple buttons to add or open sites, and the process is very easy, but we would have preferred the speedier option of importing sites from our favorite browsers.

CORB Bookmark Thumbnail works as promised, and aside from a nag screen there are no trial limitations with the short 15-day demo version. Still, we prefer a bookmarking tool that integrates more completely with our browser and offers the user more control over settings and options. Even with the system tray icon to easily launch this tool, it's still an extra step you have to take before viewing your favorite sites.

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