No bells and whistles

Expect only the basics with this free toolbar.

We're not really sure what the common theme of this toolbar is supposed to be, but after putting it to the test, we found it that provided us with a functional, but basic toolbar.

Nothing about Utah Search Toolbar's appearance differentiates it from the pack; it looks like every other toolbar on the market. The interface can be customized to add your favorite applications and gadgets, and you can remove the buttons that you don't want. We thought that perhaps the name was in reference to the state of Utah, but the list of available links provided didn't really clue us in on what this toolbar is all about. We found links that took us to random chat rooms, online auctions, and news sites. We also found a long list of RSS feeds, a radio feature that played without interruption, and the standard buttons for e-mail notification, a pop-up blocker, and weather forecast.

Don't expect to find any bells and whistles with this toolbar, but if you're looking for something basic that works, it's worth giving this free toolbar a shot.

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