Bland toolbar excludes extras

Don't depend on this toolbar for top affiliate information.

This free, affiliate-marketing-themed toolbar offers a few helpful Web site links, but beyond that, it doesn't offer users anything different from the hundreds of other toolbars out there.

The toolbar offers all the basics: pop-up blocker, e-mail notification, weather forecast, and the ability to customize the interface by adding and removing buttons for your favorite applications and gadgets. The radio feature played without a glitch, and we were able to add our own stations to an already long list of stations. The one differentiating feature on this toolbar is the drop-down menu of links to various affiliate marketing sites, but we have to admit, a few of them seemed more like gimmicky, product-push sites rather than genuine resources. The chat feature took us to an empty chat room.

Those interested in marketing are better off finding their own affiliate resources instead of depending on this free toolbar to help, and its standard features aren't enough to make this toolbar stand out from the competition.

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