Hit-and-miss performance

Disabling Flash hits a snag with this IE add-on.

This simple tool allows users to enable and disable Flash animation while browsing the Web, but it offered mixed results when we put it to the test.

One you download Toggle Flash, you may have to manually add the button to your toolbar. As we browsed through various sites containing Flash animation, we clicked the tiny red button, but it was impossible to determine whether the program was enabled or disabled. Hovering our mouse over the button didn't offer us any indication. A change in button color once enabled (e.g., red to green) would definitely help the problem. A DOS-style window popped-up each time we clicked on the button, but Toggle Flash's performance was hit-and-miss. The program disabled the animation on some sites, and failed to do so on others. We also noticed that Web sites where the Flash was disabled were slow to load.

You won't find help with this free add-on and even a brief Readme file would help users get acclimated to Toggle Flash. With so little to go on and considering its spotty performance, we'd rather stick to our current, more reliable means of disabling Flash animation.

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