One-click access to remove tracks

Erase your browsing tracks with this basic but effective toolbar.

As its tongue-in-cheek name implies, this free toolbar is for users who want or need to clear their browsing tracks. While we would have liked to have seen more customization options, Perv Bar's solid performance more than made up for it lack of extras.

Perv Bar fits a very slim toolbar into your IE window. It contains a search field, and a button to block pop-ups, which worked each and every time. The Privacy Utility button is where it's at, with options to clear not only your browsing history, recycle bin, and cookies, but also to clear your clipboard and your browser's auto-complete files. Each option that we selected worked perfectly, quickly ridding our computer of our browsing tracks. The Settings menu does allow users to remove buttons on the toolbar, but the capability to add gadgets would have been nice and would have used up some of the toolbar's wasted space. We did like the panic button option that let you set a hotkey combination to immediately close your browser window.

Help is not available with this toolbar, but it's very simple to operate. Despite missing a few standard toolbar features, we recommend it for anyone in need of a quick and effective way to erase browsing tracks.

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