Toolbar deals a bad hand

Don't expect to find helpful features or resources with this free toolbar.

This free, poker-inspired toolbar is one of the blandest we've seen. It fails to offer users even the most basic of toolbar features.

Mega-Poker.Net Toolbar offers a plain user interface that stretches across your browser window. A large button with what appears to be the toolbar name (you'll need a magnifying glass to read it), features a drop-down menu with options to customize the interface. But don't get too excited; you can only change the toolbar color or remove the default buttons that you don't want. You can't add your favorite applications or gadgets, and you won't find such standard features as e-mail notification or a weather forecast. Surprisingly, the toolbar does throw in a pop-up blocker and a white list for allowing pop-ups. The default toolbar buttons are few and offer links to various Mega Poker strategy guides. The rest of the links took us to ad-ridden sites that seemed, at best, questionable.

As a toolbar and poker resource, this program fails miserably. Deal yourself out of this hand and pass on this bland freeware.

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