Unanswered questions remain

Create a safe-haven for files, but don't ask too many questions.

This two-in-one program offers data protection in the form of a secure drive and a file shredder. After testing the program for ourselves, we were left with a few unanswered questions.

At first glance, Kemo Data Safe's main use seemed pretty straightforward, with three large buttons that take you where you want to go--Data Safe, Shredder, and Backup My Safe--but looks are deceiving. Novices will appreciate the tutorials and Help file for getting started, but we found a few misspellings that, in our opinion, were unacceptable for a paid program. Safeguarding your files was simply a matter of selecting a drive letter, choosing the path for storage, and entering a password that will be used to get in and out of the safe. Once our safe was created, we were able to drag and drop files into the folder. But from there, it was unclear how to go about deleting safes or creating new ones. We were only able to work out of the safe we had first created. No answers were found in the user instruction on hand.

The file shredding feature was easy to use, and followed a simple process of selecting files and hitting the Shred button. You have 30-days to try out the program, but we hesitate to recommend a program that doesn't cover all the bases in guiding the user.

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