ALOT News Toolbar

The ALOT News Toolbar is a free toolbar that lets you navigate your favorite news sites and search top news stories with the following features: one-click access to web searches powered by Google, the ability to easily search the latest headline news and

The A LOT News Toolbar may be just the thing for news junkies looking to replace their existing newsreader. Despite one oddity, this Internet Explorer add-on is nicely designed and avoids the cluttered, amateurishly cobbled-together appearance of many toolbars.

The main focus for this toolbar is news. We like the headline scroll incorporated into its design, plus the News Search and News Room buttons. We also liked that the latter allowed us to choose a preferred news site from a drop-down list, including CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, USA Today, NPR, BBC, and others. The button for a link to Writing Software seems a bit anomalous on this toolbar: clicking it took us to a site selling software for grammar and writing.

Still, those who avidly follow the news should be able to forgive the one inexplicable link tacked onto to this otherwise clean, functional, and free toolbar.

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