ZIP Reader

ZIP Reader is a free Windows utility that allows users to open files that have been compressed using SecureZIP or PKZIPor any other ZIP product.

This freeware ZIP-file extractor doesn't have much to offer most users, but you'll need it to open archives encrypted with PKWare products such as PKZIP or SecureZIP. ZIP Reader's interface couldn't be more laconic; you simply select which file to extract and where. You can also access the program by right-clicking an archive in Windows Explorer. ZIP Reader supports popular archive formats besides ZIP, including RAR, TAR, and GZIP. In our tests, however, it scrambled the names of files written in Cyrillic letters. If you need ZIP Reader, you probably already know it, and don't need convincing. But if you don't use PKWare software, you're probably better off with another, more full-featured utility.
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