Informative but awkward

Get link popularity information, but be prepared to spend some time manipulating the interface to see the data.

Although it delivers information from some of the most well-known sources to gauge link popularity, the interface design makes it a bit awkward to see all the info provided. And Link Popularity Checker only exports information in .CSV format.

Link Popularity Checker's interface is professionally designed, but the ads and links to increase site traffic hint at this free tool's true purpose. It is easy to navigate, even with no Help file in sight. Command buttons line the top of the interface and allow you to quickly add URLs, get data, and export it. The final of the fourth buttons says simply Make Money, and we wish it was as easy as clicking a button. The link led to a site that was no longer available. As for Link Popularity Checker's primary stated purpose, it displayed information for Google Page Rank, Alexa Traffic Ranks, and other link- and page-ranking data. The information is displayed in a spreadsheet-style window, and you can resize the window and the columns. You can read numbers fine, but sometimes only text is displayed. The text doesn't wrap and you can't always resize the column to read it all. Your only export option is in .CSV format, and we would have liked to see other file formats. The interface also has links to "Create A Instant Avalanche of Free Website Traffic" and "Get Thousands of High Quality, 1 way links To Your Site," and unlike the Make Money button, these links worked. The sites, however, had that get-rich-quick look about them.

Link Popularity Checker is free, and it does give you some information about the popularity of a URL, but we tend to stay away from tools that seem to be selling something else besides what they promise.

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