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Fall asleep with this boring toolbar.

This free toolbar might just cure your insomnia, but not for the reasons you'd expect. Besides a few insomnia-related links, the tools featured on Howtobeatinsomnia are the same as the ones featured on every other toolbar out there. There's nothing new or exciting here to pique your interest or truly help you with insomnia.

Howtobeatinsomnia_toolbar.exe has all the standard features covered. You can add or remove shortcut buttons on the interface, as well as add gadgets and shortcuts to your favorite applications. The e-mail notification, weather forecast, and pop-up blocker features all worked well for us, as did the radio feature. The toolbar comes loaded with hundreds of feeds, but they had nothing to do with insomnia. There is a drop-down shortcut that offers 10 links to various insomnia-related Web sites, but that's it. The chat feature didn't even connect us to other insomniacs for support.

As a basic toolbar, Howtobeatinsomnia works just fine. But if you're suffering from insomnia and looking for a toolbar that keeps you current with all of the latest insomnia news and information, you're better off bookmarking your favorite sites rather than depending on this misnamed toolbar.

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