Lackluster toolbar

Don't expect to find tons of health and beauty info with this Firefox add-on.

This free Firefox add-on promises to keep you on top of all the latest health and beauty information, but besides a few beauty-related feeds, this toolbar looks and acts like any other.

Hotbeautyhealth adds a customizable toolbar to your Firefox browser. You can add and remove buttons, including shortcuts to your favorite applications. You'll find a weather forecast, e-mail notification, and a pop-up blocker--all of which worked as expected. We were also able to easily add our favorite gadgets to the toolbar. The radio feature proved disappointing, and returned an error when we tried to play it. We expected to find tons of links to beauty and health-related sites under the Favorites shortcut, but all of the provided links took us to, a Web site that looked a bit gimmicky to us. The RSS feed pulled a few health and beauty articles, but again, they all linked back to the same Web site.

Once you take away the few health and beauty tips this toolbar provides, it doesn't differ from the hundreds of toolbars on the market. If you're into the latest beauty trends, you'll be disappointed by what this toolbar offers.

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