Lacks music-related resources

Keep your expectations low with this toolbar.

From the sound of its name, we expected this 2-in-1 toolbar to have more music-related links and gadgets, but that proved not to be the case.

Hottest Tracks Radio Toolbar looks and acts just like every other toolbar out there, with a customizable user interface, search field, e-mail notification, weather forecast, and pop-up blocker, and all of them worked without any problems. You can easily add your favorite applications and gadgets to the toolbar. In terms of extras, the toolbar throws in a media player gadget and a toolbar radio player, both of which played without interruption. In addition to the Hottest Tracks Radio-theme, you can switch to The Journey Into Trance toolbar, which features trance-related radio stations and podcasts.

We found both of these toolbars lacking in links to music-related Web sites and resources. If you take away the toolbar radio and gadgets, you're left with a very plain toolbar. Music lovers should keep looking for a more inspired toolbar, but if you're looking for a basic, free toolbar that works, this one covers all the standard options.

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