Unintuitive interface

Cleans your browsing history and files, but interface lacks direction.

Though this privacy tool successfully cleaned our browsing history and unwanted files, it was marred by an unintuitive user interface.

Upon installing File Secret, you will have to create a username and password. The user interface is a little on the cluttered site. Large menu buttons run across the top of the window, and each menu's options are displayed in the panel below. The Home menu features tools for cleaning your browsing history, temporary files, cookies, and the like. We selected all of the cleaning options and the program quickly and successfully wiped our computer clean. The other menu options--File Shredder, EXE Lock, Secret Notes, HTML Secret, Password Safe--were all very confusing to navigate. They employed drag-and-drop functionality, but the lack of flow had us guessing where to put what. After some time, we found our bearings and were able to successfully encrypt executable files, use images to encrypt messages, and guard our passwords.

A Help menu is featured on the interface, but clicking on it returned nothing. Despite a few good outcomes with File Secret, its poorly designed user interface and brief, 14-day trial period leave no room for a recommendation from us.

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