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Take a look at System Accelerator if you want to try optimizing and speeding up your system, but if you want evidence of success or info on how this tool works, look somewhere else.

With more app upgrades and service packages adding burdens to our systems every day, finding a reliable means of optimizing and accelerating a system is very important. That makes System Accelerator, a simple-to-use optimizer, very appealing. However, its methods aren't visible to the user, and its online Help file shines no light on how it performs. As a result, determining the effectiveness of its tweaks is difficult.

System Accelerator opens an appealing tabbed interface that's easy to follow. Tick a checkbox for items with performance you want to improve, and hit Next. You'll have to reboot after it completes its scan and tweaking processes. Unfortunately, this tool offers no baseline data, log, or any other report that allows you to compare before-and-after performance; you just have to rely on your gut feeling. Furthermore, System Accelerator's methods for improving your PC's performance remain hidden. Although the manufacturer's description states that the tool uses a "unique algorithm" that provides "amazing results," neither the tool nor its online Help provide any details.

In our tests, we discerned no appreciable change in performance after running the tool. And because the tool provides no proof of its efficacy, this utility could easily be a case of 21st Century snake oil; it proclaims its wonders, but offers no reliable means of proving its claims. It you want to take a chance on improving your system, you may want to give this tool a try. If you prefer to rely on evidence-based solutions, look elsewhere.

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