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Use this Web page converter for simple tasks, but be prepared to pay to make it truly useful.

Sometimes, a screenshot is just the only way to work with a Web page. Perhaps you're using it to mark up revisions, or to create a thumbnail. Whatever the reason, Advanced Website to Image JPG BMP Converter Free could come in very handy. It's got a decent-looking interface, with soft colors, big simple buttons, lives in a single window, and is relatively intuitive.

However, Advanced Website to Image JPG BMP Converter Free is not without fault. There are nagging registration pop-ups and messages, and filetype-specific options that seem out of place, considering the application's HTML-only focus. Despite the application's apparent reliance on PDF as an interim conversion step, the program doesn't offer the direct conversion of PDF files. There are three basic output options, with varying relevance: the HTML option is both redundant, and less functional than IE's "Save As" function; the TXT option does the job, but may be leaving out some critical data like ALT and href attributes, and offers almost no formatting; and the Image output is more complete, offering many possible target formats.

Unfortunately, the trial version of this software completely restricts access to what could potentially be its best feature: batch conversion. The application's available features functioned well, without crashing, and installation was mostly trouble-free. Two exceptions were driver software (TinyPDF) from another vendor that installed without notice (presumably to handle the conversion to PDF), and after installation, a system restart was required. Uninstallation was not clean, with some stuff left behind in the install directory, and TinyPDF was not uninstalled. Ultimately, though, Advanced Website to Image JPG BMP Converter Free is a useful application, especially for those willing to pay the price for batch conversion and other advanced features.

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