Simple alternative to Windows Task Manager

Consider this simple app to launch or stop Windows services if you want quicker access than Task Manager offers.

Accessing Windows Task Manager and its Services tab may take a few more clicks than you'd prefer to make. The free application jServiceManager offers a simple alternative that may suit your needs for launching or stopping Windows services on the fly.

jServiceManager doesn't offer a lot of bells and whistles, but it does its job. It launches a medium-size window that lists all your system's services with an icon noting whether the service is running or stopped. It functioned well in our tests when we selected a service and clicked the appropriate button--Start Service, Stop Service, or Pause. We also appreciated the presence of the Refresh button to revise the display of running services.

This little tool should work fine for home users. Business users or power users will likely skip over this utility for other, more robust solutions.

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