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Protect a single folder for no fee, but others will cost you.

There's a lot to like about this tool that secures folders, but Free Folder Hider turns out to be a name open to interpretation. In the literal sense, it's accurate, since you can hide a single folder for free, but if you want to protect more than one, you'll have to pay up.

Free Folder Hider requires set up of a password for accessing the program, so you're protected from the very beginning. The main user interface offers self-explanatory buttons for adding folders to the private folder list, opening the folders, locking the private folder, and finally, removing folders from the private list. More information about a button is found with a quick mouse roll over it. And a help feature offers even more back up should you need it. Once we entered our password, we were able to quickly add a folder to the private folder list, where it was immediately protected. However, when we tried to add another file to the private list, a window popped up telling us that we had to pay to protect more than one folder at a time.

This program's trial limitation totally caught us off guard, and we would have preferred a more direct approach, with the publisher acknowledging that this was a trial version. This is a field with a lot of options to choose from. Go with one that lets you know up front what you're getting into.

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