Poorly designed interface

Skip this auto-fill tool, which offers an overly complex approach to a simple concept.

This tool promises one-click auto-fill functionality, but for such a simple concept, we had to spend a lot of time figuring out how to navigate the program.

Once you get past the nag screen, Boondee Fast Form Filler has a very basic user interface. It consists of a single window with menu options at the top. Despite its simple appearance, it wasn't entirely clear how to add new entries. The Help file is a long, drawn-out paragraph that was more confusing than informative. We clicked the Create/Save List option, but it introduced another vague window. We seemed to be on the right track after clicking the Edit List option. It introduced a window for adding, editing, deleting, and moving information, but like the rest of the interface, it wasn't intuitive at all. We entered our address information, but we couldn't format the info to our liking. Address information was pasted in the appropriate field on a Web page, but you have to click the address and then click the field, so it wasn't really one-click operation.

The brief, 15-day trial period is not nearly enough time to find your bearings with this unintuitive program, but even if it were longer, we'd still suggest you spend your time trying more user-friendly auto-fill programs.

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