Browser fails to browse

Stay far, far away from this browser.

This is a strange little program that purports to take you to the FWG Government site, whatever that is. But this isn't a program you should try if you're looking for an alternative to your current browser. The FWG-Promo Browser is a browser only in the loosest sense of the word.

When launched, it takes over your entire screen. There are no command buttons, URL fields, or any of the other common browser features. A video appears in the middle of the page that plays some weird footage that doesn't seem to make sense. We kept clicking the Enter button (our only option) and finally found a page that had several menu items on the left side of the window, but they were cut off from view and unreadable. The blank, white page in the middle of the window timed out on us, so we didn't get very far. On top of everything else, we had to use our Task Manager to close out the program each time we tested it.

Unless you're interested in software gone wrong, stay far, far away from this browser. It leads to a site you probably don't want to visit, and doesn't go anywhere else.

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