Quickly download FLV files

Browse and download videos at the same time with this add-on.

This handy Firefox add-on lets you quickly download your favorite FLV files as you browse the Web, but we would have liked some way to use this toolbar's wasted space.

Clipta Toolbar with Downloader introduces a slim toolbar to your Firefox browser that makes it easy to quickly browse and download videos at the same time, but there's still too much wasted space for our tastes. The toolbar houses a search field that uses Clipta's own search capabilities, a button that displays featured videos, and another button that shows the number of videos captured during a single session. You can't customize the toolbar at all, and the only other items on offer are links to get updates and to visit the publisher's site. In testing, the app worked fine, though. We visited YouTube during our tests, and as soon as we found several videos, we simply clicked the download button for each video file, and in a matter of seconds, video files were downloaded and saved to our location of choice. Note: this is just a tool to get the files. You'll need to have an FLV player to play them.

We were a little disappointed in the lack of a viable help feature, but you can e-mail the publisher or visit the forum on the Web site. Most people will find the program easy to use, even without any user guidance, and it works fine if you're OK with the trade-off in space.

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