Sketchy performance

Forget this customization tool.

This free tool performs one function and one function only: it lets users adjust the transparency of any active window. But for such a simple task, we found its performance sketchy at best.

Windows Alpha Blender settings can be accessed by right-clicking on the taskbar icon and selecting the Properties option. The sparse menu that appears offers vague instructions. There is some guidance for adjusting the transparency, which requires using two hotkey combinations. There is also a slide bar for adjusting the transparency level. Once we selected our transparency level, we used the hotkey combinations to turn the transparency action on and off. More often than not, nothing happened. On the few occasions that our active windows became transparent, we couldn't reverse the action, even when we exited the program. No help is provided, with the exception of a link that takes you to the publisher's Web site. Oddly, we found no mention of the program on the site.

While we appreciate what Windows Alpha Blender tries to accomplish, in practice it falls flat. Skip this one until the kinks get worked out.

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