What a shame

Don't bother with this poorly executed program.

Our first impression of Turn Off Monitor was not a good one. We had to use our Task Manager to stop the program because it caused problems from the get-go.

Immediately after installing the program, our monitor went haywire, turning itself off and on without us clicking a single button. After stopping the program, we were able to get a better idea of how it worked, or better yet, how it didn't work. Turn Off Monitor installs not one, not two, but three icons on your desktop. There's an icon to immediately turn off your monitor, an icon for configuring the program, and another for turning off your monitor with a confirmation. The settings menu lets you assign actions for single or double mouse clicks, such as hibernating, restarting, and shutting down your computer, none of which worked. We tried to enter a hot-key combination to turn off our monitor, but the program would not allow us to manually enter a new combo. There's a link to e-mail support, but that's it in terms of help.

After testing this faulty program, we couldn't uninstall it fast enough. The 10-use trial and the fact that the publisher wants to charge you for this farce is laughable.

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