Easily secure images or videos

Give this encrypting utility a whirl if you have photos or video that you want to keep from prying eyes.

Encrypting pictures and video to secure them from prying eyes is a simple process with this easy-to-use utility, but it didn't turn out to be as flexible as it claimed during our tests.

Picture and Video Encrypt launches a small, unadorned but functional and easy-to-comprehend interface that's mostly taken up by a pane for listing filenames. There's no detailed Help feature, but figuring out how to use this app is a simple matter: you just click Add, select a file, then click Protect (or Unprotect, if you're decrypting a file).

This app worked fine in our tests, but it could use a few bells and whistles to make it more appealing. Although it successfully encrypted files, we could only encrypt individual files. We weren't able to encrypt an entire folder at once, despite the manufacturer's claims to the contrary. And although it was easy to select a file for encryption, adding drag-and-drop functionality to this tool would enhance its simplicity.

For users who don't have an extensive collection of photos or videos needing protecting, this app should suffice, but power users will want to look elsewhere for a more robust app. The trial period is generous, and should allow any user to see if Picture and Video Encrypt will suit his or her needs.

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