Cluttered interface design

Quickly generate random password and number combinations.

The name of this password and number generator is fitting, because it seems as though its overall design is truly random. Nevertheless, it proved to be a worthy tool for coming up with unique combinations.

Truly Random has a very cluttered user interface. Luckily, it can be resized, which also increases the font size for better readability. Still, we found it awkward to navigate. Check boxes let you select the characters that you wish to include: uppercase, lowercase, special characters, numbers, spaces, and pronounceable. The length and number of characters can also be manually inputted. There is a wizard that walks you through the generation process, but it's really unnecessary since it contains the same options as the main interface. During testing, we entered all of our password and number specifications, and the program quickly generated random characters. Unlike the main window, though, the window that displays the results only displays a few of the results at a time and cannot be resized. Generated passwords and number combinations were easily saved to our hard disk and clipboard.

Help is available through the publisher's Web site, but it's too verbose and seemed to make the guidance more complex than the process itself. Still if you're looking for a simple random password generator, this program gets the job done with just a bit of work on your part.

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