Smart file encryption

Encrypt and decrypt files with this very capable program.

After putting this encryption tool to the test, we found it one of the better ones we've seen. However, novices might find the settings options hard to decipher.

Kryptel's main user interface lists encryption and decryption options, along with backup and settings on the left side of the window. Integrated with the options are links that offer users help along the way. The program also offers drag-and-drop functionality, and access via your context menu. The Settings Panel is where the program gets a little harder to navigate. Broken down into General, Kryptel, and Shredder categories, the options are vague, but once clicked, come with a description featured at the bottom of the page. Kryptel come with several encryption options, such as Blowfish, AES, and DES, as well as a binary key generator. We really liked the wizard-like approach the program used to walk us through the encryption process. Our files were immediately encrypted and password-protected. The same files were successfully decrypted using the same password.

Novices will probably need to spend a little time going through each of the settings to get a clearer picture of their impact, but the 30-day trial period should be ample time to fully test Kryptel. With all of the user guidance and encryption options, this comprehensive program can help any user protect his or her files.

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